Sunday, June 29, 2014

CBC follows up with story on RECBC suspension for MAC Marketing Solutions' fake buyer fiasco - but we still ask: why were the others not dealt with?

CBC-TV has picked up on the news item that the RECBC has finally acted on MAC Marketing Solutions attempt at manipulating the local media.

CBC reporter Matthew Black (@TheMatthewBlack) tweeted earlier today he ran a story on the 6:00pm CHEK news and it will also air on the 11:00pm CBC broadcast:

Black also tweeted out this statement from MAC Marketing President Cameron McNeill:

McNeill says,
"I have always been proud of the high level of professionalism of the BC Development industry. MAC aims to uphold those standards and we pursue the highest of professional excellence and business ethics. This incident was a difficult learning experience and because of it, MAC integrated a combination of revised training and corporate governance measures so everyone on our staff clearly understands and adheres to our high standards. It is our commitment that this kind of incident does not happen again. When anyone is new to MAC and joins the company, business ethics and standards are reviewed as part of the initial company familiarization. MAC has taken this incident very seriously and our goal is to be the premium provider of services in our service area. Professional excellence has moved to the forefront of our core values and business practices."
We will throw up the CBC clip when it becomes available (you can now see clip here).

In the meantime, we invite you to review our last post where we ask a very pointed question: "what happened to the others involved the MAC's role in attempting to manipulate the local media?"

Why were they not suspended?

Some have speculated that Jensen was in charge and arranged the whole charade, the others in attendance that day simply following 'orders', but while that is a neat and tidy explanation - it's simply not the case.

So why were they not dealt with by the RECBC?

We suspect the answer will be highly disturbing for anyone who deals with purchasing a condo pre-sale in British Columbia.


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  1. Basically what you've got is a bunch of commissioned salesmen governing another group of commissioned salesmen. It's no different than used car dealers monitoring other used car dealers. They are all there to move product in any way possible. I am not surprised by this whitewash.

  2. Cameron McNeill: "Blah, blah, blah.....professionalism.....excellence.....ethics.....core value.....more blah, blah, blah."