Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Statistics

As always, Larry Yatkowsky is out with the monthly stats (thanks Larry).  His graphic on the highlights says it all...


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  1. sssssssssssssssss......Did you hear that? what's that noise?

    1. Let's see this pattern continue several more months, then I'll say that things are at least slowly deflating.

      For the last decade, every time there's been a dip in volume or prices, there's an exuberant rebound shortly after.

      Although everything says that housing prices, and cost of living in general, in Vancouver are way off "fundamentals," I think the part most bears are getting wrong is that the reported fundamentals are inaccurate. I believe there is far more money flowing in to and circulating in this city that most suspect.

    2. Yes, it is different here.

    3. Interesting imagery there. Money keeps "circulating and flowing in" to Vancouver real estate....the clear image of an mindless, endless river of water, simply doing what nature dictates: following the laws of gravity towards it's inevitable destination.

      Quick question: How can anyone who perceives money to simply "circulate" and "flow" as water NOT recognize the same force (gravity) having any role to play in what stuff can cost?

      Awfully selective use of a metaphor, no?